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Audio: Classics Commentated

Here for your listening pleasure is "Chris White's Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island." It's an audio book of the classic novel -- plus, at no extra charge, running commentary from yours truly. That means jokes, nautical definitions, a running death toll and more. Find out what happens when the elegance of 19th-century English meets a late-20th-century public school education.

"Treasure Island" is free to download. All files are in MP3 format.

Chris White's Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island

Introduction / To the Hesitating Purchaser

Part One: The Old Buccaneer (84 minutes)
1. The Old Sea Dog at the "Admiral Benbow"
2. Black Dog Appears and Disappears
3. The Black Spot
4. The Sea Chest
5. The Last of the Blind Man
6. The Captain's Papers

Part Two: The Sea Cook (84 minutes)
7. I Go to Bristol
8. At the Sign of the "Spy-Glass"
9. Powder and Arms
10. The Voyage
11. What I Heard in the Apple Barrel
12. Council of War

Part Three: My Shore Adventure (42 minutes)
13. How My Shore Adventure Began
14. The First Blow
15. The Man of the Island

Part Four: The Stockade (82 minutes)
16. Narrative Continued by the Doctor: How the Ship Was Abandoned
17. Narrative Continued by the Doctor: The Jolly-Boat's Last Trip
18. Narrative Continued by the Doctor: End of the First Day's Fighting
19. Narrative Resumed by Jim Hawkins: The Garrison in the Stockade
20. Silver's Embassy
21. The Attack

Part Five: My Sea Adventure (95 minutes)
22. How My Sea Adventure Began
23. The Ebb-Tide Runs
24. The Cruise of the Coracle
25. I Strike the Jolly Roger
26. Israel Hands
27. "Pieces of Eight"

Part Six: Captain Silver (125 minutes)
28. In the Enemy's Camp
29. The Black Spot Again
30. On Parole
31. The Treasure Hunt - Flint's Pointer
32. The Treasure Hunt - The Voice Among the Trees
33. The Fall of a Chieftan
34. And Last

About this Project

When I was young, we always had "Classics Illustrated" or "Great Illustrated Classics" around the house. Those series offered simplified versions of great novels, fleshed out with hand-drawn pictures. The overall (not entirely crazy) premise was that children were too dumb to read good books.

In the 21st century, children are still too dumb to read, but there are better ways to add value. Classics Commentated presents audio book versions of classic works in their entirety, with my commentary added in. It's worth every penny. Probably because it's free.