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Presidents: George Herbert Walker Bush

Birthplace: Milton, Massachusetts

Visited in 2015.

Many Americans think of the Bushes as gun-toting wannabe cowboys from Texas. But presidential history enthusiasts know that the family, which is now synonymous with solid Republican values, comes from ... dramatic pause ... drumroll ... another dramatic pause ... awkward silence ... pregnant and even more dramatic pause ...

New England.

New England wasn't always dominated by bleeding-heart Democratic warlords. Back in the day, before communists infiltrated American society, Republicans did pretty well in the northeast. And among those Republicans was Prescott Bush. Prescott was the proud son of an accomplished industrialist. He went to Yale, where he did the sorts of things that Yale people do. He fought in World War I, then became a hoity-toity business guy. During the Eisenhower years he was a two-term senator from the great state of Connecticut.

And let's not forget the most important part. While working as a sales exec in the Boston area shortly after the war, he impregnated his wife, as all good industrialists did. On June 12, 1924, she graciously squeezed out a kid at their home in the suburb of Milton. That kid was George Herbert Walker Bush, and he went on to become the 41st president of these United States.

GHWB spent the first year of his life in the state that is currently the most Democratic state in the union. This fact is honored by a tasteful plaque in front of the house where he was born.

The home is a private residence that you cannot tour. Your only option is to take advantage of the ample suburban street parking, find a nice vantage point, then take a picture of the plaque before a stout New Englander throws Dunkin' Donuts coffee in your face and beats you into a coma using a snow shovel.

It's totally worth it.

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